Put the FUN back into Fundraising

  • COVID-Approved, Socially Distanced Virtual Fundraiser
  • Quality Handcrafted Products that Give Back
  • We provide customizable marketing materials & build your fundraising page for you
  • We drop-ship products to your supporters for you
  • Did we mention this is a FREE fundraiser?
  • Ready to launch within a week
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Custom School Pride Bracelets

(that students LOVE
to sell & supporters
actually want to wear)

Supporters choose from three styles of Best-Selling MudLOVE bracelets, featuring custom colors & images for your school or team. Additional donations are accepted to help you quickly reach your goal!

How It Works:

(it's easy peasy
lemon squeezy)

LoveWell provides you with customizable marketing materials to fundraise for your team, school or club. Students virtually share your unique fundraiser link with friends & family. We take care of the rest and ship product directly to your supporters, so you can focus on sharing & creating awareness! 

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What you Earn!

(besides happier students & the excitement of school pride)

The host earns 50% of product sales and 100% of additional donations. Your fundraiser tracker will update after each purchase. At the end of your fundraiser, a 5% processing fee will be deducted from the total raised.

Handcrafted MudLOVE Bracelets

(not only do these bracelets support your students, every product sold gives one week of
clean water to someone in need. that's what you call a win-win!)

Inspirational Bracelet

Choose up to 12 different words! Handcrafted in Indiana, each word is stamped into a clay piece & finished with an elastic cord. Bracelet is waterproof - wear it 24/7 - and one size fits most.

Custom Doodle Bracelet

This is where it gets fun! Choose from your school mascot, sports image or submit a design for a custom doodle. Handcrafted in Indiana, decals are fired into a clay bead & finished with elastic cord. Bracelet is waterproof - wear it 24/7 - and one size fits most.

Viona Bracelet

Every Viona is hand-woven by our friends in the Dominican Republic. Your purchase allows these amazing ladies to support their families and find new purpose in life. Choose one of 30 different color combinations!