How It's Works

How This Works


ChooseYour Product

Pick from a variety of words or symbols to place on your
handcrafted MudLOVE products...

Your fundraiser will have:

  • 2 MudLOVE bands with your choice of elastic
  • 1 woven viona band

Want a custom stamped band? Upgrade to our Premium Fundraiser option for only $75.

The host takes home 50% of product sales and 100% of additional donations.
Your fundraiser tracker will update after each purchase.

At the end of your fundraiser, a 5% processing fee will be deducted from the total raised.


Tell Your Story

Fill out our short 10-minute questionnaire. We will then build your fundraiser page and launch within 3 days.

For the questionnaire, please provide:

  • Your contact information
  • 3-6 quality photos
  • At least 2 paragraphs about your fundraiser

Is the fundraiser for another individual? Please check with the person or family first.

Pro Tip Stories are important to the art of fundraising. For best results, make sure you include:

  • A brief background of the fundraiser answering the questions who, what, where, when, and why
  • A genuine thank you to your supporters


Share Your Fundraiser

Get to moving! You have 30 days to share your fundraiser with friends and family. Don't worry, we handle all the shipping for you, so you can focus on fundraising. Your only job is to create awareness and get your supporters excited.

Pro Tip At the end of your campaign, we will send a check to the recipient designated at the beginning of the campaign:

  • Post creative photos and videos about your fundraiser
  • Ask at least 3 friends to share your link
  • Try to promote your fundraiser at least twice a week on social media

If the check is sent to an individual or a non-profit designated for a specific individual /
family, we will ask you to complete a W-9 tax form so that we may send a 1099 at the end of
the calendar year.