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Product Information

Are your products really made of mud? Sounds messy...

Despite "Mud" being in our name, our bands and mugs are actually made of clay. Mud just happens to be a common term for clay in the world of pottery.

Where are your products made?
Help! My band is broken!
Can I sell MudLOVE products in my retail store?
Can I use your products for a fundraiser?
Can I purchase your products in bulk?

General Questions

Where did the name 'MudLOVE' come from?

From our founder, Luke:

"The first thing on my to-do list was figuring out a creative name that didn't sound anything like 'Luke Wright Pottery'. I felt that God called me to deny myself in this venture, and that meant not wanting to name the business after me.

With an intent to give back but with no real plan yet, I started a simple chart to get my wheels turning. I first wrote words that had to do with clay, and then words that were important to me. Eventually I settled on 'mud' and 'love'. At first I wasn't sure how to connect them, and I almost settled on 'Mud is Love'. Eventually I had a 'Eureka!' moment and did a one-word name, MudLOVE. (Not Mudd Love. We don't make jeans…)"

Are you a charity or a business?
Do you accept donations?
Where can I buy MudLOVE products?
How can I get involved?
Can I get a job or internship with MudLOVE?
I saw a MudLOVE kiosk in the mall. Can you tell me more?


Will MudLOVE bands fit my wrist?

Our bands are adjustable from about 5"-8". They fit almost all wrists (and even some ankles) from kids to adults!

How do I resize my band?
Is my band waterproof?


My mug looks different than the one pictured online. What’s up with that?

Due to the handmade nature of our pottery, each piece will have a slightly different shape and glaze pattern. If something really seems off, let us know here and we’ll get to the bottom it!

Gift Cards

How do I redeem my MudLOVE E-Gift Card?

MudLOVE E-Gift Cards may only be used online at mudlove.com. Once you make it to the checkout screen, enter your gift card code in the box labeled “Gift card or discount code”, and hit “Apply”.

Do MudLOVE E-Gift Cards have any restrictions?

Coupon Codes

Will my coupon code work for any product on the website?

Coupons can not be applied to Fundraiser Marketplace products. Since these products are specifically raising money for a variety of great causes, we need to be able to send the full donation amounts to the fundraiser hosts. Anything else on the site should be fair game!

Custom Orders

How many letters can fit on a Custom band?

Please refer to our band builder at mudlove.com/customband. If your message fits on the band when you type it out, we'll be able to stamp it! Make sure you adjust the "Spacing" sliders when building your band.

How long does it take to make a Custom band?
Can you put a sports team name or logo on a band?
I really don’t like my neighbor. Can I order a band that says how much I dislike him?